Knitting Against the Tide

Mary found her Not Just Plain Jane Demi Shawl. When I worked at Knit Together, Jane taught the Demi Shawl as a class at the shop. Mary commented that it wasn’t that hard a pattern; I think it was the ignorance of innocence. She had not yet experienced the green paper. Her shawl reminds me how much I like this pattern. I’ll have to dig out mine.

Elizabeth’s has a couple of colors left and then her afghan will be done.

Lois is almost ready to join in the round and then it’s smooth knitting till the bottom of the Gypsy tank.

Diane wanted to check her gauge on the Flared Jacket knit with Bergere Eclair, to make sure her gauge hasn’t loosened up since her swatch. All was good.
Cheryl joined us for the first time today. She shared this really cool “Molly” Scarf knit with Classic Elite Liberty Wool.
She had my Eyelet sock pattern that she wanted to knit 2 @ time on 2 circulars. We went over Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On. She picked it up really fast.
Here is Linda’s vest. You’re looking at it from the side, so you see just one armhole (and to dispel any confusion, there are two armholes). Linda is experiencing that strange phenomenon when you keep knitting and knitting and your piece just doesn’t seem to grow, then all of a sudden you’re past where you want to be. She feels as if she is “knitting against the tide”. The prevailing wisdom from the group was “when in doubt, keep knitting”.

Her vest is knit from the top down. Therefore when you knit it, it’s upside down. We had quite a time trying to explain the top down versus bottom up. Linda couldn’t wrap her mind around it, even though she is doing it.

See how happy she is, here is the aha! moment.