A funny thing happened at the Post Office today.

I have to share my experience at the Post Office today. You know when you wait on line, you make that casual “we’re in line at the same time” smile? Well, I was online behind a (normal) woman, and in front of her was this 65+ old woman with black hair, white face, red lipstick – think Kabuki Caucasian. Thankfully she colored in between the line.

This woman wasn’t making the casual smile. She was boldly staring at me and the (normal) woman. No smile, just stare. Very awkward. Finally she started a conversation with the normal woman. When Kabuki woman went to the teller, the woman in front of me whispered, “She tried to sell me Microdermabrasion and followed up her offer with ‘I hope you don’t take it the wrong way'”. Now just wait a minute. Is there any other way to take it if someone offers you a skin treatment while waiting on line at the Post Office?

Kabuki woman then borrowed packing tape from the teller and set about taping a box closed, very badly. She asked the teller for a scissor and he told her “I’m afraid to give you a scissor, you might cut yourself”.

Later when retelling the story to some friends, I learned that the woman is a Esthetician! That gives the whole packing tape /scissor scenario new meaning.

~~~~~~~~Knitting update tomorrow, I left my camera at the store!.~~~~~~~~