Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The take away lesson today had nothing to do with knitting. Don’t ask me how we got on the subject, that’s a long and winding road.

The subject was that really yucky smell that emanates from a front loading washing machine. This has caused me to try different detergents, different wash cycles, and many re-washes. Robin bought special soaps. Lois has experienced the same quandary. Elizabeth enlightened us. She was more thorough in her search for the reason behind the stinky smell. Four plumbers later she learned that it is the nature of the front loading washing machine to retain water (don’t we all) in the bottom of the drum after a load. This water can get mildewy and moldy. In a word, stinky.

Elizabeth told us that there is a cycle option on the washer for cleaning the tub. Field Trip to Robin’s washer – (we were at Robin’s house today).
Lo and behold, there is a “tub clean” button on Robin’s washing machine. Who would have thought it?

Not only is there a button, apparently there are special products marketed to this purpose. I’m sure it’s in the fine print of the laundry machine manual. However, who reads the manual? We don’t need no stinkin’ manual. Apparently we do. Elizabeth learned that bleach serves the same purpose as the special products.

Lois and I left to check our washing machines…
Imagine my surprise! I actually had bleach AND knew where it was; a magic combination. Can you guess what we all did yesterday afternoon? We are on exciting bunch, I tell you.
Back to knitting, seems tame after all the laundry excitement. Elizabeth went to town on her afghan and stayed within the color order we set up last week. The pattern goes really fast. I don’t think Robin or Lois believed us.

She also started the Big Shrug, knit with Debbie Bliss Angel Mohair.
Lois is working her way down the front of her Gypsy Tank.

Conversation segued again from knitting when Lois asked us what would we want in our ideal knitting room. She is taking a CAD class and wants to play with it. This is what we came up with (in no particular order):
Closed Cabinets
Glass Cabinets
Big Closet
Big table for blocking, etc.
Comfy chair with tables
Good lighting
what would you add?

Robin attempted Magic Loop knitting last week. After a valiant effort, she decided that knitting socks on 4 needles was far less complicated. I applaud her for trying a new technique.