Leaf Peeping

We took a road trip up to Vermont this weekend; the leaves were just starting to turn.

Joe has become a very good sport about stopping at yarn stores. He knows that at any moment I might say, “there is a yarn store not too far from where we are….”. Why fight the force?
Six Loose Ladies is in Proctorsville, VT. And can we just take a moment to totally appreciate this awesome name?! Six Loose Ladies is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The shop had a lot of interesting yarns, roving for spinning, and lots of fiber related tools and books. There was a cozy sitting area in the back of the shop where several people were just hanging out doing their “fiber” thing.
In case you can’t read it the sign says “over 500 pieces of country furniture”. As we sat in a little traffic, Joe wondered if they have to change the sign every time they sell something. 🙂
The lighting was beautiful as we drove through the Green Mountains. It made everything look so brilliantly illuminated.

Of course there was a lot of knitting time.

We also stopped at Green Mountain Fibers Yarn Store in Rutland, VT. My sister recommended this one. They had a lot of interesting local hand spun yarns and a quite varied range of yarns.
This is an exclusive yarn color from Dream in Color. Stores can elect to participate in a “yarn of the month” club and the colors are exclusive to the program. The colors in this skein are totally outside my usual colorways. It was so richly autumn, I couldn’t resist. It also came with a free shawl pattern.