Two Random Things

There are two applications that I wanted to write about, Evernote and Ziplist.

I’ve been using Evernote for a while now and it’s really helpful. It’s available as an app on Iphones, Ipads, Androids, Blackberry phones. Additionally you create a (free) account so you can open it on any computer.
You can set up different “notebooks” of information. When I download patterns from Ravelry, I can open them on Evernote. This was I always have the patterns with me and they don’t get all all messed up. Here’s a link to an article about how one knitter uses Evernote to get organized.
You can save pictures, audio clips, web pages, and share notes with other people. The best part is it will sync between all your devices.
I learned about Ziplist today. It’s a a convenient way to keep track of your grocery list on your computer and on an app on your phone. You can share your list with family members, with the hope that they will do the food shopping for you!
You can set up your favorite stores with respective lists if they are specialty shops. It was really cool, I used it today.