My People

Another finished Corinne Cardigan! Mary knit hers in Nashua Handknits Summer Garden, a cotton/linen blend. I LOVE how hers came out and this may be the yarn I choose to knit a summer fiber version.
Here is Michelle’s finished Abrazo in Lobster Pot fingering weight. Hers came out wider in the center and shorter in the length. I still have to weave in a couple of ends.
TADA! Michelle finished her (modified) Mamy Bag. She took out one motif in each row to make it smaller. We are all so proud of her for taking on this big crochet project complete with a lot of sewing. She was totally delighted and might even make another one day. That’s really rewarding for me as a teacher.
Diane brought some leftover Torino Bulky she had and began a seed stitch baby sweater knit in one piece.

Lois was binding off the sleeve caps on her lace sweater and is holding out for a finished picture. I can respect that. 🙂
Linda A. came in with what she thought was a problem with her Not Just Plain Jane Lady Jane Cardigan. First of all, it looks amazing and she’s now down to a 40 minute row from 2 hours (the initial cast on is huge). Secondly, what she thought was a problem was just a gap from a cable cross and we manipulated it into submission. That and blocking should take care of it.
Linda was back and in excellent form. She was momentarily thrown (as we all were) that there were people sitting at our regular tables. She recovered quickly and took in the lot of us and stated “My People”.

Her daughter got married a couple of weeks ago and she has lived to tell about it. She played a slide show complete with music of the wedding. It looked lovely on all counts. Congratulations again!

She hadn’t knit in weeks and when she took out her knitting she noticed that there were a couple of purl rows on the right side of the fabric and pretty far down on the vest front. We both knew there was nothing for it but to rip it out.

Linda, in one of her classic philosophical moments, declared that ripping out a project should come with music. Maybe a dirge? She felt it should sound like raindrops on her heart. You just don’t get any more poetic than that.