How many projects are enough?

When you go away, how many projects are enough? Of the four projects on my hooks and needles, I brought three of them.
My Lintilla scarf/shawl is fun to work on. It’s a good, relatively mindless project.The Creatively Dyed Yarn ~ Beaches is knitting up beautifully. It feels like it would be a cotton blend but it’s 80% Merino/20% Nylon.
Two row into crocheting Tall Latte (I had just joined in the round), the pattern talked about bust shaping. Then I read three fateful words “see page forty”. Yes, you guessed it. I did not xerox page 40. THAT was frustrating.
The only other project I brought was my Lima sweater. I didn’t bring my notes on the what to do after I knit 6″ down and the 6″ didn’t take very long.

If I wanted to do the bust shaping, I’d have to wait till I got home. Which was only two days away. Never one for waiting, I crocheted on, skipping the bust shaping. It now measures 13.5″ from the armhole. The pattern calls for crocheting until 15″. I think it will block out the other 1.5″.

The answer to the question is however many makes you happy AND always make sure to bring all the pages and notes you need even if you don’t think you’ll need them.

In case you’re wondering what the fourth project is, it’s Not Just Plain Jane Braided Cowl. I draw the line at bringing Jane’s patterns on car trips. It just wouldn’t be wise.