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I am very proud to share this article about my husband.

Westporter of the Week: Joe Grushkin

Long-time Westport resident Joe Grushkin helps to promote local businesses in our community.

Name: Joe Grushkin

Age: A very young 51.

Occupation: CEO / President of InLineAdz, Inc. – the national leader of local market digital sign branding. We place Large Screen TVs in High traffic local businesses and offer local businesses and merchant the opportunity to take branding style messages on those screens.

How long have you lived in Westport? My family has lived here since 1979. I returned by with my family 17 years ago.

Favorite place in Westport? Main St. in front of Oscar’s Deli for great for people watching. Compo Beach (4th of July Fireworks) everyone is there! The Levitt Pavilion on a summer night – can’t beat it and it’s free. And “Joe’s Tiki Bar”…in my back yard!

Favorite restaurant in Westport? Black Duck for casual food and the best bar staff in town, Westport Chinese takeout (formally Jasmine), Westport Pizza, Coffee an’ Donuts (the best donuts on the planet). My new favorites, Shake Shack and Five Guys – tough choice on that one (still deciding) and of course Oscar’s Deli for lunch!

Why Westport? What more could you want… interesting people, great places to eat, beach, entertainment and services. When I started my business, InLineAdz, it was with the intention to assist the small, local business to increase their exposure to the local community. In doing so, the Large screen TVs placed in Oscar’s, Coffee An’, ACE, Westport Wash & Wax and McDonald’s are all playing “adz” for local business in and around Westport… this creates more word of mouth, more exposure and more sales, allowing local businesses to thrive during these challenging economic times. I know the Westport business community has been enhanced by this additional form of branding and I am honored to have been a part of the economic stimulation!