Patterns of Pattern Choices

I seem to get into these patterns, literally, of knitting the same type of technique several projects in a row. This year, I’ve worked a lot in top-down garments. The most recent projects I’ve been knitting are crescent shawl with short rows.
I worked on the Abrazo shawlette and was almost back to where I would’ve been had in not been for my mythological experience.
In the Just Enough Ruffles scarf, I am at the “shape ruffle” section and debating modifying it to be a little more deep in the center since I have a lot of yarn left. Otherwise, I’ll knit fingerless gloves and a headband or hat to go with it. I love working with the Creatively Dyed yarn and have to plan a project around her yarn this fall at Rhinebeck.

Whoa! Side note, while linking to the website, I learned that the yarn I’m knitting with has been discontinued. Bummer!