Musical Needles

All of a sudden I find myself in need of #4 needles on several projects: Corinne, Abrazo, and Blake sweater.

You know when you go through your needles and say why do I have gazillion size (insert number here) needles? Well, this is when it comes in handy. Conversely it’s probably a situation like this that necessitated so many #4 needles in the first place.

Corinne was on a #4 32″ and I used the 24″ as a stitch holder for the sleeves. Then I realized that the Abrazo called for a 32″ needle. So, start the music…

I transferred the stitches on the 24″ to a 16″.

Then I transferred the stitches on the 32″ to the 24″.

Now I’m set for the Abrazo, whenever I decide what cast on to use. I don’t know why I’m dwelling on what cast on so much.

For the Blake sweater I think I’m going to turn to my Addi Click Lace set. I’ll need a long cord. Ok, everyone is taken care of. Stop the music.

Thank goodness my next project in the queue is the Tall Latte crocheted sweater by Doris Chan!