Knit On

It took considerable restraint to resist the pull of all the new yarns in the shop and start something new. This time of year is going to be a real test of my self-imposed 4 project limit.

I’m one sleeve in to adding afterthought sleeves to my Gypsy Shell. I also took out the small lettuce ruffle and reknit the bottom with a few rows of garter. I’m doing the same on the sleeves. The ends are all woven in, so when the second sleeve is completed, it is DONE. I’m not as happy with this one. I think it’s because the Bonsai yarn isn’t meeting up to my expectations. The fit is fine, I liked the pattern, the yarn just isn’t hitting the mark. All the more reason to finish it.

Happily I’ve started the right sleeve of my Corinne Cardigan. I have enjoyed this sweater and yarn (Rowan Cotton Wool).

Here are my swatches for the Abrazo Lace Shawl Michelle and I are starting. It’s a silk/linen blend from Mad Color Fiber Arts (formerly known as Sereknity yarns).

The pattern called for an 8 needle, so my first swatch was on a 6. That’s the taller of the two swatches.

It was still pretty loose. The second swatch I knit on a 4 needle. After blocking them both, it was clear that the 4 needle was the correct choice. The pattern starts of with casting on 300 plus stitches using the backwards loop or twisted cast on. I don’t particularly like this cast on. Although it is very stretchy, it isn’t pretty. Michelle used the cable cast on using a needle 2 sizes up from her gauge needle. I’ve literally pondered over this all day. The good news is that my spindrift scarf is nearly done. The bad news is, I still haven’t decided how I’m going to cast on.

One article I read suggested a provisional cast on with waste yarn. Then blocking it with the provisional cast on unzipped and just a strand of waste yarn running through the live stitches. When it’s done blocking, then working a crocheted bind off.

I must ponder this some more.