It was a Big Day in the Neighborhood

Danielle stopped by with the newest member of her family. I don’t know which was more exciting, meeting Danielle’s new baby or watching Michelle sew for the first time.

Either way we were thrilled to see them both!
Of course I would notice the little crocheted flower affixed to her shirt. What a great idea!

Mary, Michelle, and I took turns holding her. She was fascinated by all the people and activity.

What a little doll! She was the perfect baby fix!

The big moment was upon us as Michelle takes needle in hand and begins to sew the lining as Mary looks on. Mary looks a little intimidating with her sunglasses on (she couldn’t find any of her regular glasses).

Me thinks she doth protest too much (about sewing). Look at her go!

She sewed half the lining to the bag during the course of the morning and was justifiably tired.

Mary has hit her stride with the Corinne Cardigan now and is onto the back. It looks so great in variegated yarns. This is Nashua Handknits Summer Garden Linen/Cotton blend.

Mary is one of the few people I know who also falls asleep sometimes when knitting stockinette. Her linen yarn was less forgiving to nodding off than others. When she woke up there was a cascade of dropped stitches. She secured them with a locking stitch marker. When she handed it to me she said it was like Humpty Dumpty. It was not as bad as it looked and we didn’t need all the King’s horses or all the King’s men.

This skirt is a WHOLE lot of knitting. With the sleepy mess of stitches restored, she can begin the bottom ruffle.

Here is the back of Lois’ Lace Shell. We worked in tandem on the back neck shaping as there were short rows combined with decreases in lace. She also worked on her Gypsy shell.

Diane A. was in today with some show and tell. This is Lang Tosca Light yarn in a pattern written for her by the shop she purchased it at.

Here is a broken rib scarf she’s been working on; the yarn is Jojoland Rhythm Superwash .

Does the green paper look familiar? Linda’s main reason for coming in was Not Just Plain Jane’s Lady Jane Cardigan. Her stitch count was off. There was an extra yarn over causing a lot of trouble. She is proudly up to the point where she can work through 2 rows without having to reference the pattern too much.

Here are a couple of Gypsy’s in varying states of progress. Michelle’s, is purple Linolo, mine is brown Bonsai (a little color reversal happening with Michelle and me), and the green is Lois’.

The other day when Michelle came into Westport Yarns, she was stuck in the pattern. She lost track of the fact that it was top down and worked the shoulders where the body should be. Confusing, huh? That’s how she felt. She went home ripped it ALL out (she only had to take out half), and started again. With that, she was almost caught up to me.

Robin came to Stitch and Chat at Westport Yarns on Tuesday. She knit even further on her Plymouth Kimono and wanted to make sure there weren’t any dropped stitches. There is a distinct possibility that she will finish the back before the end of this year.

She worked the heel flap on her socks and began to turn the heel. All since last week!