Moving Along

The only thing standing in my way of this sweater being finished and off the HL (hibernating list) were these 4 buttons.

I pulled myself together and found some white thread and now it is DONE. Plus, there is still a couple of weeks before the fashion police are out looking for people wearing white after Labor Day. A 4 year hibernated project is off the HL list. I’m going to take a moment to a savor the moment.

I had 2 interesting finishing moments with this sweater. First I worked the v-neck ribbing in the round. I didn’t like how to decreases worked into the v and affected the cable pattern. Of course, I didn’t take a picture of that.

Then I worked the v rib back and forth so that there would be an overlap to sew. Much better.

The second finishing moment was when I tried on the sweater, thinking I was done. The ends were all woven in, etc. Well, lo and behold, the sleeves were too short. I tried this sweater on a dozen times to make the sleeves right, how did this happen? I tugged and they bounced back. The only thing I can figure is that in the midst of working the sleeves I was swinging it back and forth, trying it on (a dozen times), and measuring it constantly. This had to have distorted the measurement a bit. Luckily I could easily undo the bind offs and I knit the ribbings a little longer.

The moral of this story: let your sweater rest a day before finishing up your sleeves.

Now I can cast on in good conscience 2 new projects. The first one for sure is the Spindrift Scarf. I have to consider my options for the second.