A Skein a Day Keeps the Madness Away

Are you the type of knitter/crocheter who brings a project everywhere you go? When packing for a trip, I figure out what projects to bring before I consider what clothes to pack. The knitting options almost always outweigh the clothing options. This weekend’s trip was no exception.

On Friday we planned a outing into Boston. I debated bringing my knitting because all my projects right now are sweaters and not small. It would weigh my (already) heavy handbag down. I knew if I didn’t bring it, there would be many knitting opportunities and the thought of being without it made me twitchy.

Happily an opportunity presented itself quickly so I was validated in bringing it along. I brought my Gypsy sweater along because it was stockinette in the round. What could be easier?
I knit while riding “shotgun”. I used my Yarnphone app to locate a yarn store on Newbury Street. It gave me walking directions and I following the bouncing blue dot right to the front door. I would’ve searched out others along the way, however my kids were not as enthusiastic about this as I was.
On Saturday, Nancy and I knit while watching skits at my niece’s camp.
Steer clear of random Coyote statues placed around the camp to scare geese.
It works on humans too.

I also knit to earn my supper.

My sister was at the very end of her Ocean’s Edge lace shawl and she was determined to finish it while I was visiting. The border has been a torment to her. I was given the job of 3-needle bind off and securing a dropped lace stitch. We both love the inner triangle of this shawl. Oh, and dinner was totally worth it!