Oh, To Be Young

Last night I was knitting (no surprise there) while watching a movie with Thing #2. Usually she is on a screen while watching tv. All of a sudden she jumps up and says I’m bored, I want to knit. She means crochet, but I wasn’t going to correct her in that glorious moment. I have a basket of yarn for just these random moments. Casually I pointed to the basket and tossed her a case of hooks. I didn’t want to make a big deal of this.

In my mind I’m doing a happy dance.

She asked me what hook to use and I suggested she play around until she got the fabric she wanted. Thing #2 does not use patterns and she does not want to be taught more than what she knows which is single and double crochet. She literally takes an idea and runs with it. It’s wonderful. There’s no planning, it’s completely spontaneous.
She decided to make small purses for her cousins for their cell phones. I had pretty purple buttons that I shared with her. She was appropriately grateful, they were purple after all. It’s subtle in the picture, there are two colors of purple. She crocheted this completely on her own. I was merely the “nurse” handing her tools, scissors, tape measures.

She’s started another one with the colors reversed. Thankfully I had two buttons.

Although I’d love to teach her more since she is so adept, I respect her preference to crochet whatever comes to mind.

When she was done I told her she was the topic of my blog post, she said I can be the Bored Knitter (probably referring to the fact that Thing #1 is the ninja knitter). At this point I did correct her, Bored Crocheter. She shrugged that off, content with her results for the evening.

It was a lovely evening. Oh, and the movie was Percy Jackson and The Olympians. A fun adventure movie with a great cast.