Smooth Sailing

This week was the first Stitch and Chat Tuesday at Westport Yarns. It worked out really well, everyone enjoyed the new location.
Apart from finishing her Corinne Cardigan, Michelle had knit her swatch for our next endeavor. We are both swatched and ready to knit the Gypsy Shell. This will be the third garment I will have knit by C2knits. My mom remarked that she liked this shell. That may have been a hint. 😉
Lois was knitting along smoothly on her tank. Her only lament was that she had to do the lace on the other side.
An added benefit of having the Stitch and Chat at Westport Yarns was that Beth had her Louet Skirt with her. She and Mary are knitting the Sasha by Louet. It was helpful for both Mary and me to get perspective on how it is set up. Beth’s is the skirt underneath the light blue skirt (Mary’s).
Mary was swatching for the Crocheted Insight Vest class that starts next week at the shop. The pattern is in Doris Chan’s book Everyday Crochet.
Rose (from my Knit Together days) came with her sister, Elaine. It’s always so good to see Rose and it was a pleasure to meet her sister and teach her how to knit. She took to it very quickly. She’s a left handed crocheter so she gravitated to Continental knitting.

Rose is knitting a lace shawl in Blue Heron Metallic.

On Wednesday I met up with Lauren and Elizabeth. Lauren thought she had a mistake in her Alpaca cowl, she didn’t, just a loose stitch.
She’s progressing on her ribbed scarf. She wants to finish it by September. We did the knitting math to finish it by the end of the year. If she knits an inch a day, it will be 72″ (this takes into account missing a day here or there). I suggested she put a marker on the row she starts on so she can keep track of her progress each day.

Elizabeth is knitting Radian Yoke sweater by Wendy Bernard. She knit up to the joining in the round. It’s smooth sailing from here.

As for me, I’m almost done with the left front of the Corrine Cardigan Redux. I am happier with the tension on the #4. Such is life. The Knit Goes On.