A picture is worth 1000 words

Mary started her Corinne Cardigan. She wasn’t sure she was doing it right so I put mine on and held hers up to it to show her (she was doing fine). This thing is, mine is a good 2″ longer than hers and we are making the same size.
Michelle finished hers. We are using the same yarn and making the same size and mine was 2″ bigger than hers. This is all leading up to the ugly truth that even though I got gauge on a #5 needle, I loosened up considerably in the process.

I put my sweater over one arm and Michelle’s sweater over the other. I asked Beth what she thought. One look at her face and I knew. I have to start over.
I don’t want to put all this work in and have the sweater be too big. It seams that lately I should be going down one needle size from the one I get gauge with.

I started over and I’ll rip out one skein at a time as I need the yarn. It helps to be making progress and then rip out the next skein to use. All I can say is live and learn and I’m lucky to enjoy a craft who’s raw materials allow me to start over when necessary. Trying to find the positive here.