Take the Long Way Home

When Lois brought out her Strafford Tee (by Amy Christoffers, featured in Knitscene, Summer 2011) she was a little anxious. You see that whole reading the pattern through thing got in the way again. I, myself, am notorious for selective reading so I totally get this. She realized after she had knit about 3″ of the lace panel that she was supposed to be increasing for the sleeves since approximately 1″ into the panel.
She really wanted us to come up with an alternative to ripping it back (thank you lifelines). We discussed some options; the sweater would not look as finished if we tinkered with the sleeves. Michelle took the tough line and said, “you have to rip it back”. Lois was a trooper and after ascertaining that I would get the first set up row done for her, she let it rip.
I took a page from her book. I brought out my Corinne Cardigan to share. When I took a closer look I was shocked. My knitting (that I did while at the beach) looked awful. It was all wormy and just yucky! It was like I was drunk when I knit it. (Only had 1 beer, so that wasn’t it.) I realized that the last skein I used wasn’t a fresh skein. It was a frogged skein from the original pattern I bought the yarn for (4 years ago). It totally retained all the squiggles from sitting in the undone sweater. I only ripped it out when I decided to use the yarn for the Westport Yarns KAL. Thankfully I have enough “fresh” yarn to use for the project. Unfortunately I had to rip back about 5 inches of the back. Solidarity Lois, I feel your pain!

Michelle is part way through the second sleeve on her Corinne Cardigan. She’ll be done in a week. We decided today to begin swatching for the gypsy shell by Cheri Christian c2knits. If I’m lucky she’ll be distracted by her swatching and I can catch up on Corinne.

She decided to make her crocheted Mamy bag smaller which means she only needs to make 7 more hexagons. I’m so proud of her efforts here. She’s weaving in her ends as she goes and slowly but surely motoring through the crochet. Considering Crochet is not her first (fiber) language, that’s impressive.
Robin has totally gotten the pattern stitch down for the Twist & Shout summer moebius scarf.
Diane is back into her knitting in a big way. She finished the super bulky hat she swatched for last week as well as the drop stitch wavy scarf/hat combo.
She also made good progress on her new sweater design #5 from the Queensland Collection Book #13.

Moral of the story… read your pattern through. I think that was a recent moral to a recent post.