It’s Not So Much a Lifeline as a Chokehold

It’s Not So Much a Lifeline as a Chokehold, is how Lois is feeling about the lifelines she’s running in her sweater. She’s into the lace portion and the yarn she’s using as a lifeline is getting in the way. Then there were some technical difficulties with how the pattern chart should be read. Now she’s well on her way and it looks great.
Robin is toughing it out with the ribbon yarn. It’s a beautiful ribbon and will be a great accessory – if she has the patience to get there. The ribbon is getting in the way of her being able to read the stitches and when she takes out a row she loses a yarn over.
I am especially excited for Linda. She took yarn that she has from her mother’s stash brought it to Westport Yarns and Julie helped her find a pattern. The yarn is Bernat Linette and the pattern is the Sea Tutle Vest. Now this would’ve been significant in it’s own right. But wait! There’s more! She cast on, started the vest, and wrote out her own cheat sheet for the decreases. Knitting Rock Star Status!