The Thungries

I’m dating myself big time with this. Hopefully some of you will remember. When I was a kid there was a commercial where the actor didn’t know what to eat and they called it the “thungries”.
Saturday night I just couldn’t settle down to knit/crochet. I bought some Prism yarn in the periwinkles colorway to augment left over cool stuff. I have an idea circling around my brain for a design and it just kept circling.
Then I thought about top down sweaters and playing around with stash. Except that I’m working on my Corinne sweater for the Westport Yarns Knit Along and didn’t want to have 2 sweaters going at once.
I ran out of yarn for my crocheted shrug and picked up some Artyarns Beaded Silk Light to finish it off. It looks like it will be a perfect match. I just can’t decide how I want to proceed.

So you see, the thungries, I was at loose ends for what to work on and the time ticked by. This was really annoying because it was good knitting time for naught.

In the end, I did a couple of inches of a store sample I’m working on in Artyarns Rhapsody Glitter Light.

Woke up Sunday morning and still didn’t have a plan. A couple of cups of coffee later and here’s the plan:
I decided to stay in pattern with the Artyarns Beaded Silk Light on the crocheted shrug and work a couple of rows on either side of the shrug and then I blocked it.