Let’s Get This Party Started

Westport Yarns has started a knit along for the Corinne Cardigan published on Knitty.
The pattern calls for dk weight yarn and I chose Rowan Wool Cotton.

When I swatched, I got gauge on a #5 needle. The sweater is knit side to side in garter with short rows. I like all the different picture angles they provided on Knitty.

I used the long tail cast on. You know how you can sometimes end up with either too much or too little yarn? Here’s a tip you can use whenever you have 2 skeins of yarn or a center pull skein. You don’t have to estimate at all. Make a slip knot using yarn from 2 different skeins (or the inside and outside strands from the same skein). Leave approximately a 4″ tail. This slip knot does not count as a stitch. Place the yarn around your left hand for the long tail cast on. You’ll be drawing the yarn from the 2 different skeins and therefore won’t run out of yarn. When you’re done, cut free one of the skeins and carry on with your knitting. Cool, huh?

This is the left front. The markers show where the short rows occur.
I think the construction of the sweater is really interesting.

I made a little chart on a post it not to keep track of the repeats and rows in this section. Garter goes quickly!