Michelle was a sleeve ahead of me and we were texting our progress. We each were hoping we would squeak by with having enough yarn in the second skein to finish our Jordan sweaters and not have to go into the third. The sweater did call for three skeins of Louet for several sizes, it really looked promising.
At the same exact point of the second sleeve we each ran out of yarn. Seriously? You can see by the picture above how much more there was to knit. Ugh! We left long tails so there was no need for extra yarn. The knitting was all done.
Today is the day the finisher at Westport Yarns picks up projects. I had 14 rows left to do when the day began. I was at Westport Yarns in the afternoon and was literally just finishing binding off and packaging it up for her when she walked in. Deep Sigh of Relief.

When you look at the comparison of our sweaters, Michelle’s sweater looks smaller. It’s kind of an optical illusion. They measure the same, it’s just that her lace panels scrunch in more than mine. On the whole, though, they are the same circumference. One would surely hope so since we both knit ample gauges and were making the same size.

The crazy thing is that we were on wildly different needle sizes. She was on a 5 and I was on a 2. My sweater still looks looser.

Our finisher actually read the finishing directions while we were together. That crazy girl, reading ahead of time. What a concept! It talks about blocking it and attaching the yoke/sleeves and then trying it on to see if it needs any gathering. So it will be a two part process. I’m excited to see how it comes out!

Michelle and I have picked out our next project,