In My Opinion

Robin was back today and brought my Twist & Shout moebius with her. She’s knitting it with Ellyn Cooper’s ribbon yarn. Although the yarn is lovely and the finished moebius will be gorgeous, it’s making it hard for her to read her stitches and get the hang of the pattern. We played around with it until she got more comfortable reading the stitches. One thing we learned for sure, she’s not allowed to talk in the middle of a row.
Elizabeth was working on (or I should say finishing) a baby sweater. The buttons are perfect. The pattern, Jimmy’s Baby Gift Sweater Set by Diane Soucy, is her “go to” baby sweater.
Michelle brought in 2 yarns for consideration for the Abrazo Shawl. The pattern calls for approximately 400 yards. The first skein (green) is Cape Cod Fibers Lobster Sock yarn, the second skein is Great Adirondack Lace weight. The general opinion was the Lobster Sock yarn. We decided to take a week to swatch and give some attention to other projects. She’s in the midst of making motifs for the Mamy Bag class at Westport Yarns. I’m glad we take a week off for good behavior to tend to other projects.Lois is up to the Lace section of her sweater. We got it set up and split the sweater into front and back (it’s knit in the round). In the meantime she’s working on a set of golf club covers.
Mary finished crocheting her motifs together. Her bag is just a smidge bigger than mine. I’ll have to measure mine, I don’t know what the exact measurements are. Robin liked Mary’s bag better, she felt it didn’t look as boldly colorful as mine.
The funny thing was that Mary and I used pretty much all the same colors. The difference is that she crocheted hers together with black yarn and I used red. Isn’t it interesting what a big difference that made?
The linen skirt is moving along slowly but surely. Mary brought with her 2 projects that she needed opinions on. The first was a pair of Koigu socks that she’s been carrying around for years. She loves the yarn. The reason why it’s not done is that she’s on something like #000 needles and it’s just no fun. We all agreed that she should frog it and come up with a different plan for the yarn. She’s never going to finish the first sock, let alone the second sock.

She accepted this readily and Robin urged her to rip it out right now. Pull that bandaid off fast!
The second project was this pair of Christine’s Stay-On Baby Booties. I did this as a class last winter at Westport Yarns. The village all agreed she ought to finish these. She’s so close.

Oh, and Michelle came up with an awesome parenting method for (older teenagers/young adults). The bobble head method. Just imagine you’re a bobble head when the words you want to say might not be as helpful as you think they’ll be.