Finishing Frenzy

I had great plans for this morning. I was going to quickly sew up my Mamy bag, go to the gym, and even food shop – all before going to work at 1. By noon I was nearly done with the bag, did not get to the gym, and did not go food shopping. This tells you something about my priorities.

I spent 4.5 hours working on the finishing of my Mamy Bag: sewing the lining, reinforcing the bottom, and sewing the handles (which I purchased from Homestead Heirlooms.

When I got out the hammer and began hammering the finials into the dowels it was like sending up a warning flare. My husband and daughters (one in the house and one via skype) all yelling, “what are you doing?”. It was pretty comical.

Curiosity got the better of Thing #1 and she came to see what I was up to. Of course she took the tools and dowels from me to finish the job. I didn’t mind too much, she is stronger and more adept with tools than I will ever be.

Together, we got the handles assembled and emerged unscathed.There were no bashed fingers, krazy glue incidents, or broken handles.

I found nylon thread and wondered why I hadn’t thought to use this elsewhere. I’m using it to sew the handles to the top-most motifs.

When I took a break to show my husband and Thing #1 that I was nearly done, they were both impressed with the bag. Here is what they said:

Joe, “Wow, is that for you?” I replied, “HELL YEAH, I’m not putting all this work in and giving it to someone else.”

To which Thing #1 asked, “Will you make me one?” I replied, “Not a chance in Hell!”.

What are they thinking?

I love the finished product, it was totally worth it.