Bits and Pieces

I’m at that in between stage with most of my projects right now. You know the point at which you’re near to being finished and reach a tedious or less “fun” part of the pattern. This is the point where I struggle to stay true to my 4 project diet.
The store sample of my newest (and almost published) pattern, the “Bentley Shrug” just needs the sleeves sewn up. A mere 8″ of sewing. Isn’t it often something so small that lands something in the unfinished pile? The yarn is Debbie Bliss Andes.
I’ve finished the body of my Jordan sweater, the one I’m working on with Michelle. The sleeves/yoke are done separately and sewn to the body. This sweater is going to our talented finisher. I don’t mind blocking flat knits, circular is another story. The yarn is Louet Euroflax.
It took me surprisingly less time to sew the majority of my Mamy bag together than I anticipated. At the class last night we discussed the many ways to finish the bag. Those talented few experienced in sewing shared ideas and product information. The yarn is a mish mash of light-worsted cotton.
The ankle socks I’m knitting for Thing #1 are up to the gusset. Since they are ankle socks, it’s really quite silly that I’m letting them drag on so. Once I turn finish the heel, there is just the ribbing and I’m done. The yarn is Great Adirondack Smoochie.

Once I get through these projects I can add a whole new tableau of projects. Just the thought of that is making my mind wander away from finishing.

I must finish, I must finish, I must finish…… say it with me… I must finish…

ok, off to go finish something.

by the way, where are you going to be on World Wide Knit in Public Day (this Saturday)? Westport Yarns is an official host location. Come join us for a day of camaraderie, fiber fun, and door prizes!