Round and round we go – or not.

Everyone seemed to have their fair share of issues today, some greater than others.
Elizabeth opened the bidding with her Lynton sweater by Rowan Design Studio featured in the Rowan Classic Coast, Book 17. It all started in 2008 with a gorgeous hand blown glass button by Moving Mud. From the button, Elizabeth had gone in search of a yarn and sweater because it was all about the button. Here it is, 3 years later. You may have guessed that this has not been her favorite project. You may even say that its become a bit of an albatross. You may also notice that the sweater is HUGE on her. She is not a happy camper. She is alternating thinking of throwing it out, ripping it out and knitting a different sweater, or steeking the sleeves and body.

Brave soul that she is, she may opt for steeking. She would have to remove the sleeves and steek them separately from the body of the sweater. I admire her mad sewing skills. Hopefully she’ll document the process. Good Luck! It’s time for her to emotionally break free from this project.
She swatched for the Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard published in Knitscene, Summer 2011. Elizabeth really liked Michelle and my sweaters and happened to have Classic Elite Firefly. She started her swatch with #0 needles, then #3, then #2, finally #1 was the winner. I know I knit loose, and she’s got me beat. I knit the sweater on #3’s.
This may seem small, however it is part of a sweater knit in the round so there are way over 250 sts. Lois had a tough time at first with it twisting after the join. She fixed it on her own and is back on track.

Mary is making good progress on her Chloe sweater.

Mary also had joining issues. She was making serious progress on her skirt, when she realized that her waist band was twisted. That was a real bummer because there are gazillion stitches on here. I was able to take it back halfway to where it got twisted – it had to do with the elastic casing.

Michelle started and ripped her Jordan Sweater by Wendy Bernard 12 times and was on the verge of quitting the project completely. I started it again and this time put in markers every 11 stitches to mark the pattern repeats. The markers made the difference. It was nice of her to clear any obstacles before I start my Jordan sweater.

Lauren had a bump where she joined a new skein and it was really noticeable in her lovely cream colored cowl. I took it back and we joined the new skein differently. She’s also practicing her continental purl stitch.

Linda finished the neck ribbing on her vest and was beginning to pick up stitches for the button bands.

May you have smooth joins!