While I was out.

Last week we had work being done in and around my desk area. I had to clean off my desk, there were drop clothes everywhere and it made it too complicated to blog. So, understandably, I knit/crocheted instead.
I finished crocheting all the hexagons together for the Mamy Bag class. I’m really happy with how it came out. Laura is going to walk me through adding interfacing and lining it. I’m researching handles. It’s a nice sized bag.
I started the Insight Vest by Doris Chan for an upcoming class. I’m using Berroco Origami. Crochet really moves fast. It’s top down; I started it about a week ago and I’m nearing the waist.

The Radian Yoke sweater is nearly done too. I just have the sleeves left.

Time to start considering my next projects. 🙂