Wednesday’s Post is Full of Finished Knits

Elizabeth finished her Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston. She commented that if she were to knit it again, she would have knitted the garter part on one needle size smaller than the size she got gauge with. The garter ends up being a little bigger in proportion to the lace part. You’d never notice, however we all scrutinize our own knitting more than anyone else would.

Her next project looks really interesting. She’s going to knit Stephen West’s Chadwick shawl/scarf. In keeping with her new rule to knit patterns in the yarn the pattern itself was done with, she is knitting with Madeline Tosh, Tosh Sock yarn.
Sunaina swatched for a ribbed scarf with Berroco Ultra Alpaca that’s to be a gift.

She shared these really cool tags she found from Knitterella.

Robin came hurrying in with a deadline project. She just had to finish the sleeves on her Chloe sweater. I did the crocheted button loop for her. All she has to do is sew on the buttons and she has met her deadline.

Lois finished the knitting on her Soft and Drapey shrug. All that’s left is the sewing and a crocheted edge. She told me she has a couple of projects queued up.

Linda is almost done with the second front on her vest. After that she has the ribbed button bands and armholes.
Michelle and I finished our Miley Tees by Cheri Christian. Hers is knit in Mirasol Nuna and mine is knit in Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. Working on the same project at the same time is working for both of us. It’s not only fun to be on the same page (literally), it keeps us on track with all our projects.
That being said, she started her Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard. We are both knitting it with Classic Elite Firefly, the yarn it calls for. Random bit of luck that we carried it at Westport Yarns.

She’s a step ahead of me and I’m ready to cast on.