A blog post by any other name is still a blog post.

Sunaina is cruising along with her Fiber Trends pattern called Artisan Vest. She is knitting it with Los Andes yarn, a thick thin bulky yarn on #17 knitting needles.

Mary crossed the Lizard Ridge! It’s all sewn together.
She started the crocheted edging. The yarn is Noro Taiyo.
She’s started the third row of the lace border for her All Shawl by Doris Chan.
Home stretch for this project. The yarn is Berroco Origami.

As I suspected, Michelle is MUCH further along than I am in our Miley tee’s. I was having knitting envy.
Robin has a couple more inches to knit before the ruffled edge and then Chloe sweater #2 will be completed.
I’m being lazy with my photographs. Linda had to rip back to the armholes for her vest last week and reknit them due to some creative choices for decreasing. This is last weeks picture :). She’s onto the right side of her Design 29 Vest by Jenny Watson.

Lois worked on her Soft and Drapey Shrug and planned her next project. It’s from the Sprint/Summer 2009 Knit Simple Magazine, design # 35 a cropped sweater that she is going to knit regular length.

Elizabeth worked on her Ambra sweater with Ella Rae Palermo, 100% wool.