Ahhh, Memories.

With Borders closing, we had to find a new location. We went back to one of our “old haunts”. As each person came in I was greeted with “Ahhh Memories”, “It’s Old Home Week”, “We’re Back in the Corner”, and from Linda, “I think everyone is just about sitting in the same spots as when I came in the first time.” I kind of doubted she really remembered when Lois reminded me that Linda’s first goal was to be a Neurosurgeon.

Today was the day of the swatch. My knitters have become excellent (if sometimes reluctant) swatchers.
On the left is Mary’s swatch for her Euroflax skirt. She’s getter closer to gauge. On the right is Elizabeth’s swatch for the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston.

Michelle has been working on a
marathon swatch (left) in Mirasol Nuno. We are both knitting the miley teeby Cheri Christian (c2knits). The yarn is amazing and we can’t wait to get started.
Lois (right) is swatching for the Cable Collar Pullover using Zara.

Robin is just about ready to leave off from the sleeves and finish the body of her Chloe sweater in Berroco Comfort.

Lois worked on her Soft and Drapey Shrug when she was done swatching.

Linda is up to the armhole shaping on her Design 29 Vest by Jenny Watson. She was actually “done” until we realized that she had improvised the armhole decreases on one side and they didn’t match what the pattern had in mind. I hated having her rip it back, it looked so nice.
Mary started the lace border on her All Shawl by Doris Chan in Berroco Origami. She had misplaced the pattern and we were able to pull it up on an Ipad. Sometimes technology is just grand.
Michelle worked on a new pattern of mine called “Twist and Shout”. It’s knit in Prism Rapport and is a summer mobius scarf that can be worn doubled on chilly spring mornings and loose as the day warms up.

Elaine made it in time to catch up and knit a few rose of her Tahki Vest.

It was a very busy day in the neighborhood.