Follow Your Bliss

I feel like we should be doing a “can can” step here. We are all wearing our hand knit items.
Mary wore her (inspirational) scarf today; she knew on a psychic level that I was bringing my sample in. I realized for the first time when I posted this picture that I put the red in the same round on both squares. I thought I was being so careful too. Oh well, call it a design element. I dutifully weaved in the ends (to be proactive) and I’m not pulling them out. (So there!)

Robin has started another Chloe sweater for a gift. She’s not enjoying her Kimono at all. She wants to put it in a ziploc bag and think of another option for the Alpaca yarn. We were all convincing her to persevere, that she won’t need it until next fall. When she told us she just wasn’t happy when she picked it up, well, that’s another story. We’re in this for the enjoyment as well as the end result. Can’t have her lose her “happy”.

Elizabeth is swatching for the Saroyan scarf by Liz Abinante. She’s using a fingering yarn. The pattern calls for worsted weight, however the designer encourages you to try different yarns.
Linda began the armhole shaping on her Design 29 Vest by Jenny Watson. She’s enjoying knitting it. Linda (a self proclaimed late bloomer) said she’s glad she didn’t follow earlier goals of neurosurgery. She’s following her bliss and is where she should be right now. We all agreed there was a lot to be thankful for! Calling Dr. Linda?!In this Lizard Ridge Square, Mary alternated between two different colorways versus two different ends of one colorway. I really like how it comes out when you mix it up between colorways.
Linda started brought out her Fiber Trends Pattern for a Seed Stitch jacket in Berroco Vintage Chunky. She’s nearly done with the back and liking how it’s coming out.

Moral of the story… follow your (knitting/crocheting) bliss.