A Do-Over

I started working on the Ming Jacket by Doris Chan from her book Lace Innovations. I’m crocheting it in Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Linen, which I really like. The color is a beautiful shade of lilac.

In her pattern Doris writes that the yoke, where you begin, is the most fiddly part and once you get past it, it’s pretty much smooth sailing. I’ve been navigating a rocky sea.
The pattern jumps around a bit, referencing a basic jacket shape for the yoke. My eye keeps jumping to the wrong row and I have ripped this out so many times, it’s not even funny. Here you see the yoke finished. You may sense a “but” coming and you’d be right. The size is too small. Major bummer.

I’m taking a short break finishing a sock and a bulky sweater before diving back in and redoing it. The jacket is really lovely and Doris is an incredibly talented designer. I’ve had my sights set on this jacket since the book came out!

I think I’ll set this aside and roll another skein. It will be less painful to rip out if I have a new yoke to look at.