Weekend Review: Cleansing the Palette

You know when you’re at a “fancy” meal and they give you sorbet in between courses to cleanse your palette?

That’s how I feel about the Prism Ruffled Scarf I knit. It was a little pick me up project that bridged the gap between my winter knitting and spring knitting.
The pattern calls for 2 half skeins of STUFF in different colors or 1 full skein in one color. I used 2 half skeins; one in Periwinkles and one in Peacock. It was uplifting and fun.

I finished the Silky Wool Tank, jackie by Cheri Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting both the pattern and with the yarn.
The designer, Cheri, contacted me on Ravelry and asked if she could use my jackie tank on her pattern page. Of course I said yes, I was honored to be asked!

Having finished 2 more projects, I gave my permission to start 2 more. I’m really making an effort toward disciplining myself.

I started the Ming Jacket by Doris Chan in Nashua Creative Focus Linen. It’s a cotton/linen blend, worsted weight yarn, and I’m enjoying using it.
I swatched with sc and was not getting gauge with an I, had to go up to a K. I messaged Doris and she suggested I swatch with the pattern stitch. That made all the difference to the gauge and I’m right on with the suggested I hook.

It helps when you read the pattern thoroughly. I thought I had one more shell than I should’ve in the yoke. I ripped back 3 rows only to find out that for my size, I SHOULD have one more chain. Some things I never seem to learn in my haste to get started.

Based on my new plan of finish a project/start a project, I can still start one more. This one I want to be from my stash. I sorted through collected patterns, made a pile of candidates. Now I have to see what stash I have that makes a match for what pattern.
Gratuitous cute baby picture. Other than being a bit long in the sleeves, the sweater fit!