Blasts from the Past

This was a first for me at the store. I’m used to customers bringing in knitting projects from “way back when”. This was a “Knitting Jenny” by Milton Bradley; a loom to create knitted pieces. Margaret said her children had them. Danni recognized it as a loom.
This was a purple striped scarf she started when she was a teenager and just found the bag and wanted to finish it. I searched online and found a youtube video with instructions on how to use the loom. In the search I came across several people who had the loom but lost the instructions. This woman was ahead of the game.

She lost the tool that you had to use to manipulate the stitches. She had fashioned a paper clip and with the aid of the video, it came back to her. Talk about wrapping up hibernating projects!
Candide yarn was the “go to” yarn when I was learning how to knit. You could still feel the lanolin when knitting with it.

Elizabeth’s mother had a 1960 Vogue Knitting Magazine!
I couldn’t resist this clipping.

My mother had a copy of a special edition of Vogue Knitting for kids from 1965. I wonder if she knit us anything.

She also had the Bernat Hat pattern booklet from 1969. There may be some “vintage” knitting in my future!