Could it be? Spring on the way?

Nothing says changing of the seasons more than new magazines and light weight yarns starting to arrive at the store.

The first two yarns to catch my attention are Tonos Pima Silk by Misti Alpaca, DK: 83% Cotton, 17% Silk and Panama by Rowan, Fingering: 55% Rayon, 33% Cotton, 12% Linen.
I’m knitting Summit by Mandie Harrington in the Tonos Pima Silk for an upcoming class this Spring.

I have a crocheted scarf design idea for the Panama yarn. I love the colors.

The new Tahki Stacy Charles magazines are out. I look forward to this the way Steve Martin looked forward to the new phone books in the movie “The Jerk”.

Urban Renewal of the left and Knitscape on the right really caught my attention.

The Interweave Knits, Spring issue is awesome. I especially liked the Hexagon Petal Tee by Maria Leigh. I see a potential summer class. It’s a modular knit piece in Cascade Ultra Pima. I’ve already ordered my yarn for the sample. I went with red!