Sad but True

In the post about my Superbowl sweater, I was very proud of myself for using stash. The sweater has been easy to knit and I was chugging along.
After finishing the back and when I was almost done with the right front, I realized that the shading was off. The left side was more tonal, shading between two shades of “bing cherry”. The right front on the other hand, was a more consistent darker shade of “bing cherry”. They were different enough that it bothered me.

My first inclination was to rip out the darker front because I liked the tonal one and it matched the back. So, I did that. Somewhere in the night this bothered at me and I realized that I had more of the dark shade than the tonal. If we fast forward to the sleeves, they wouldn’t match.

I was going to bring this into work and pose the problem to the women I work with. Then my sister’s voice popped into my head. “When you ask a question like this, you already know the answer.” Darn it!

Here are my options:
1. Plow ahead and let the shading falls however it falls.
2. Rip back the other front and do the garter borders in the tonal one. But the garter border continues up the front. That would be a pain to carry the two skeins. If I don’t do that, will it look funny?
3. Hmmm, I could run the different skeins concurrently and switch them every two rows to spread out the dye lot differences. Ok, yes, I do realize I’m back to the whole two skeins bit.

I’m leaning toward option #3. I think I’ll sleep on it. Thank goodness it’s quick and mindless. Doing the right thing like this is not always fun.