Superbowl Knitting

It was very important to have appropriate knitting for watching the Superbowl with friends and family. A project that would stand up to the distractions of watching the Superbowl…hanging out with friends/family, the commercials, the singing, oh – and the game of course.
I chose the Berroco Nimbus sweater. We have the sample at the store and I wear it often. The pattern calls for a super bulky yarn and I really wanted to use yarn from my stash (in keeping with my new year’s resolution to always have a stash project going).

The closest contender was Manos del Uruguay Clasica, an aran weight-borderline bulky yarn. I swatched it to 3.5 sts/1″ and then based on the size I wanted to make I did the math to see if there was a larger size already written that would work for my gauge. There was and that made things SO MUCH easier.

I nearly finished the back during the game. You have to love bulky stockinette/garter knitting.
For added excitement, my dh made this random pool. Very serious business – tensions ran high. Would you believe I was the grand winner?! Good thing it was based on chance and not knowledge of the game.

My favorite commercial was the one with the kid in the darth vader suit! I’d love to hear what your favorite was and (of course) what you chose to knit/crochet during the game.