Catching Up

Robin has knit down to the ruffle on her Chloe sweater and is really enjoying the sweater now.

She knit this (teeny tiny) swatch in bare alpaca to knit the Plymouth Kimono #1530, that’s been so popular in our group.
Elizabeth finished knitting Ishbel and wondered why it took so long, it was easy once to got the pattern repeat down.
She’s started the Ambra sweater with Ella Rae Palermo, 100% wool. Elizabeth thought she’d try the novel approach of knitting a pattern with the yarn it calls for. Who would’ve thought of that?
Yay, Sunaina was back. She’s knit two Chloe sweaters and opted to knit them in 1 color versus striping 3 colors. I do like the variegated sweater.
She’s been working on this argyle vest for her Dad and not loving argyle. It’s not my favorite either. She’s persevering and is up to the neck shaping.
Mary tried out Robin’s Signature Stiletto circular needles. They are one size up from what she was using and with the excellent points on the stilettos, her squares looked even better.
She brought in her Mission Falls Shore sweater turned vest. She’s going to switch the buttons to be side by side like a frog closure.

Here preemie sweater is done and awaiting buttons and a baby to wear it.
She has these buttons which are very cute, they are just too big for the button holes.