Snow Day…PJ’s, Glee-a-thon, Knitting

Last week when we had the wintry mix ice storm, I had the added bonus of my sister being snowed in with me. She was in the area for business before the storm and then got snowed in with us for 2 days!

In true knitter form, after deciding to stay, she realized that she didn’t think she had enough yarn to last the duration of the storm. She said, “I can be snowed in for 2 days, but not snowed in without yarn!” Then she had an inspired idea. You see when we were at Webs a few months back we happened to buy the same yarn, same color, and yardage. She asked if she could knit with my yarn and send me hers back should the need arise. Smart right?

She worked on…
Drops sweater pattern, 107-3 jacket, knitted in different directions in garter st. She’s knitting it in Cascade Heritage Paints. You can see how pretty the hue of the yarn is in the picture.
and Quadraphenia Cardigan by Leslye Solomon, complete with godets. That is the word for the day, a godet is an extra panel of fabric inserted into a garment to cause it to flare. Why that needed it’s own word, the world may never know. In this case, the sleeves. The yarn is Decadent Fibers Cookie Dough.

She never needed to use my yarn, although it was comforting to know it was there is she needed it.

I’d been meaning to start watching Glee from the beginning (my sister keeps raving about it). We had a Glee-a-thon. My husband and one of my kids got hooked too! In a moment of technological genius, my daughter hooked up my sister’s computer to the tv so we could rent more episodes from itunes.

I finished the mesh crochet around the crocheted swirl shawl. It’s too wide to block all at once so I’ll have to block the center mesh separately. Then there’s just the fringe and it is ready to wear. This shawl is going to be a class at Westport Yarns in March. The yarn is Cascade Venezia.
I swatched for the Summit Shawl (a class in April). I’m knitting it in a new yarn from Misti Alpaca, Tonos Pima Silk. I find the construction of this shawl intriguing.

With all the snow days I’ve had lately, I was able to dedicate my time to finishing the squares for my Lizard Ridge Afghan. I positioned all the blocks on the table and left it out for my sister to review.
She rearranged it (it was a little top heavy in dark squares in the first portrayal).

Normally I would have brought the squares into the store and asked staff and customers for their opinion. Being snowed in, I did the next best thing. I put it up on Facebook and asked for votes. It was entertaining to see the comments roll in. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the second portrayal.

And so, the sewing begins.