All About Robin

Robin has been feeling left out of the blog lately and I wanted her to feel better. This post is dedicated to her.
She’s halfway through her Chloe Cardigan by Nevernotknitting. We all love her color combination. The sweater is knit from the top down and has size options from little baby – 10 years old. I’d wear it, it’s so cute. The pattern is really well written too.
Someone gifted her some yarn and she’s going to make her a market bag with the yarn as a thank you.
She’s done knitting my Infinity Wrap pattern, she just has to sew it together (hopefully she’ll be wearing it next time I see her…hint…hint). The yarn is Malou, a really soft super bulky yarn.
With all the snow, Sherry has had time to finish a lot of projects. This scarf was crochted in Great Adirondack Wool Crepe.
She’s knitting this “Destroyed Cowl” in this terrific sparkly wool blend yarn that I am completely drawing a blank on the name. It’s going to look awesome in this pattern.

Sherry made a the Eyelet Cowl from Cowlgirls in Plymouth Ampato Alpaca.

She also knit it in Cascade’s Baby Alpaca Chunky. Both of these Alpaca yarns are super soft. She liked the yarn so much, she’s knitting another accessory in the beautiful blue.

Lois is in the midst of knitting the border for her Kimono Sweater. I thought that Linda had said it took 20 minutes to finish a row. Lois said there was no way that could be. Turns out it took 20 minutes to knit a row of one of the sections of the sweater and it took forever to knit 1 row of the border.
She was wearing her Soft & Drapey shrug that she made last year in Ritratto and Lima. The one above she’s knitting in summer weight yarn.