Is this an Ipad Meeting or Knitting Class?

Thing #2 didn’t have school today, so she accompanied me to Stitch and Chat. When Mary showed up, we started talking about the Ipad and Mary brought out hers. She trumped us with really awesome accessories like the pink case and the pogo pen for writing/drawing on the Ipad. We all want one of those pens!
With it’s pretty pink color, Mary decided it could be a magic wand with the power to turn you into a princess. (We got a bit off topic!)

Robin has gloves with a special fabric on the pointer and thumb for using your Iphone while outside! It was fun sharing what apps are good for knitting and of course there were some addicting games!
I haven’t seen Mary in about a month and she’s been busy. She’s rocking the Lizard Ridge squares now. These 5 squares come from 2 different colors of Noro Taiyo. She’s going to work one square on a bigger needle to see how it looks. Robin lent her a #7 Signature Stiletto circular. I’m looking forward to her review on the Stilettos!
She’s continuing to work on her Sublime Le Petite Vest with hopes to finish it in time to wear this winter season.
Linda A. stopped by for a quick consult on the shell she’s knitting for her daughter. It’s from Knit Simple Spring/Summer 2010, #9 Sleeveless Top.
Lois is cast on and ready to begin knitting the final frontier of her Plymouth Kimono. The front band is knit in Minnow Merino Black and she had to go on a little hunt for a couple of extra skeins. This is the part of the pattern that Linda timed as taking 20 minutes a row. We’ll get Lois’ time trials in soon.
Robin is knitting my new Infinity Wrap pattern in Malou yarn. I need a good picture of it when it’s done for the pattern! It’s a quick knit and she’s nearly done.
She started her Chloe sweater. She’s working in Berroco Comfort Worsted in one of our favorite color combination’s for girls, pink and brown. It’s an adorable top down cropped cardigan for girls. Linda made two of them last year and took particular pleasure in watching Robin start hers.
Linda is more than halfway finished with her Bias Lace Cowl. Her marker disappeared at some point and she had to improvise. Scary, I know. There’s one row where the pattern jogs off course. Then it resumes in it’s new location. Under the banner of “onward we go”, we decided that when worn, no one will ever see it. So, if you run into Linda wearing her cowl, don’t point it out!