Just How Much Yarn is Too Much Yarn to Pack?

In preparing for my weekend away, I went completely nuts with how much yarn I packed. I had two projects that were in progress. Then I had back ups for the back ups for both knitting and crochet. It was completely over the top. In the moment of packing, though, I couldn’t control myself. How many projects did I bring, you may ask? Five! Realistically three would’ve sufficed.

I was going to begin sparkly socks for my nieces with Great Adirondack Smoochie yarn. However, after swatching, I needed the one needle size I didn’t bring. No worries, that’s what the back ups are for.
That left me with my Oat Couture Curlicue Coverlet turned Shawl. I’m thoroughly enjoying how this is coming out. It will be a class at Westport Yarns in March. The yarn is Crystal Palace Mini Mochi.
I spent some time on my Tunisian Crochet Koigu Entrelac Scarf by Dina Mor, preparing for an upcoming class.

Nancy brought way too much yarn too. I think we had visions of grandeur when it came to what was humanly possible to knit in one weekend.
She swatched for 2 different projects, both in shades of blue, both sport/fingering weight.

She started knitting with the one on the right, Cascade Heritage yarn, for a Drops Pattern Jacket. We have to find a different plan for the yarn on the left.

My mother is working on Cynthia’s Soft & Drapey Shrug in Berroco Seduce. She’s very adventurous and knits in the dark at night while watching TV. It’s just stockinette, however Seduce yarn can be really feisty.