So this is real life

Mary finished her Palindrome Reversible Scarf in Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK.

She worked on her Lizard Ridge square. We figured out that she wasn’t picking up her purl wraps properly and it was leaving a purl bump on the front.
Abby’s been working on Lynn Wilson’s Love it Sampler blanket. Today she learned how to knit cables and knit in the stitch below. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton.

Sandra is knitting up a bunch of hats for the holidays. She’s using my Knit it Flat hat pattern. On each hat she’s crocheting a flower.

She’s making all these little braids for the top of the hat, they look like sparklers.

Elizabeth and I were at opposite ends of the knitting needle spectrum today. She’s on # 00 needles making miniature knitted ornaments and I’m super sizing a baby bootee pattern on # 11’s.

She finished this little stocking during the 2 hours we were all together. It’s so cute!

Robin is gets a thumbs up (couldn’t resist) for her progress on her husband’s glove in Bingo yarn.
Linda’s Bias Lace Cowl by Chloe is turning out beautifully in Great Adirondack Superwash Merino.