Flap Happy Hat looks fab in Tanglewood Fiber Creations

When Trish was here in October, Mariya, one of the customers at Westport Yarns came in wearing my Flap Happy hat knit in her yarns. That was exciting for me all on its own. Then Trish asked for the pattern to make one for gifts.
She knit this hat with a special yarn that is one ply of merino/bamboo and another ply of merino/angora/cashmere. Trish spun the merino/bamboo while she was in Westport. The colorway is Columbia Gorgeous and she said it looks a lot like the cashmere/silk blend and feels “heavenly”.

The hat is being modeled by her son, Steven and is a fits to her son-in-law, Don. I want to know how I can get on her gift list!