Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I hosted an unusually large group this year, 22 in fact. It was great. I am happy (and relieved) to say that the dinner came out just right.

After years of suggesting it, my Aunt Anne brought her needlework. The canvas is really lovely.

It was a pleasure having other people crocheting and needlepointing while I knit. One of my cousins admired a pair of felted fingerless gloves I had and I gave them to her. It made me very happy that she liked them so much.

In between turkey bastings, I worked on a stash buster wrap (Omega wrap by Chris Bylsma) that gets joined with a twist into a moebius. I threw caution to the wind and used the needle size they recommended (instead of my automatically going down a needle size). Well, lesson learned. I need to go down that needle size. It came out too big.
The Laura’s I work with might steek it to bring it down to the right size. I’ll probably sit in the corner and cower while they cut my knitting. I do trust them, they have steeked before and know their way around a sewing machine. It would be too much for me to watch. Probably the same way my customers feel when I pull their knitting needles out and rip back their knitting. It seems so ruthless doesn’t it?

I really like how all the colors and yarns played together so I definitely want to salvage it. I’m NOT going to take it out and start over, so there.