Classes you can jump into.

I have some fun classes coming up in the New Year and I’ve been busy knitting up the samples.
You’ve seen this on the blog already. It’s Dina Mor’s Tunisian Entrelac Crocheted Scarf. I am having so much fun working on this. Tunisian is interesting on it’s own and Entrelac is a cool technique; put them together and you have a wicked cool scarf! The yarn is Koigu Painter’s Premium Palette.
Beret’s are all over the fashion pages and I decided it was time to try one out. This is the Brambles Beret by Amanda Muscha, featured in Knitty, Deep Fall 2010. The yarn I used is Rowan Lima. If you think you can’t wear berets, you might be surprised. The pattern offers the flexibility to knit it in varying depths from not so slouchy to very slouchy.
In view of Gwen Bortner’s new book, Entree to Entrelac, I thought it was time to do a intro to Entrelac class. We’ll be playing around with knitting backwards too.

That’s just January. The early winter schedule will go up by the end of this month. I have more planned…