The Inaugural Fiber Festival of New England

When my sister, Nancy, and I heard there was going to be another fiber festival we made plans to go. She missed out on our annual trip to Rhinebeck so we were glad of the opportunity.
Nancy is the camp counselor when we are together. She had made a plan of action with details from a map she got from the Internet. Unfortunately she left the map at home and had to make a new plan on the fly. (She’s wearing her gorgeous Vivian Sweater.)

There were a lot more Vendors than either one of us expected.There were probably over 100 Vendors, everything from stores, to independent dyers, to local farms and their wares.

We caught sight of someone weaving with strips of fabric, it looked really cool.

We stopped by Diane’s Creative Fibers booth. She has the most amazing and colorful hand dyed yarns. The first year I saw her yarns at Rhinebeck I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t buy anything – I just took a picture of the yarns. (I’ve since recovered.) This is the third time this fall that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Creative Fibers.
I saw this skein of yarn – not my normal color combination. I know there’s purple in there, it’s still not my usual go to color.
This luscious purple is my normal go to color,
or this purple (didn’t buy either one of those, just felt obligated to take their pictures). Nancy bought the skein for me as an early birthday present. She’s giving me a little push out of the purple box. Isn’t she the best?!

There were Alpacas
and Shetland Sheep

and of course, Sheep. These guys on the bottom are a little chilly and wondering what they did wrong. They lost their coats, no blankets, and the other sheep and are giving them the cold shoulder. (Ha! I crack myself up).
We went back to our hotel and sat and knit for the night. Nancy swatched for the Reversible Lace Rib Shrug with Swing Shaping. Once she got gauge she set about knitting the first 14″ because she wanted help with the next step.

She shared the Tunisian Scarf she was working on, lovely!
I worked on these cute little baby socks for a baby gift.

Heather’s Sereknity booth was first on our hit parade on Sunday. As we were leaving the night before we saw her booth. There wasn’t enough time to play. Heather was kind enough to hide a skein of yarn that I was smitten with (it was the last one).

We both love her yarn and had purchased it before at the Yarn & Fiber Company . Nancy is using her yarn for the shrug she’s currently knitting and used it for the Coquille shawl she’s wearing. I knit a shawl in her yarn last year.
This lady was kind enough to let me take a picture of her Pettine Shawl by Corrina Ferguson.

We checked out the Decadent Fibers booth. Nancy has the yarn to make the

It was really interesting to compare the two sweaters. I’ve wanted to make this too. Now I have to think about which one I like more.

Success! As we sat at a picnic table in the last 3o minutes of the festival, Nancy completed the 14″ and managed the tricky business on her own. I think she just wanted me there for moral support.

The festival put forth a truly impressive debut. For me it wouldn’t take the place of Rhinebeck. However it’s a decent day trip and its inside!