Happiness = A project that really brings you joy.

While I was at Stitches East I ran into Dina Mor, designer of one of my favorite cowls,
The Infinite Cabled Cowl. I made 2 of them last year and it was a favorite at Knitting Central.
When I saw her she was wearing this really cool scarf; it’s her Entrelac Koigu Scarf. Here’s the kicker though, it’s done in Tunisian Crochet. I saw a lot of things at Stitches that I’m adding to my queue; this scarf I wanted to start right away. I told her I would be her next pattern download for this pattern (and I was).

It’s such a good feeling when you get super excited about a project. Cynthia, from Knitting Central, sent out an email newsletter this week that talked about “The Little Rewards”. What she said really resonated with me as I thought about how I came to know of and start this project:
“Journal the memory of your project, give it that respect. A project doesn’t start when you sit down to knit it. It started way before and the memories are felt with each wearing. Each piece we work on is a unique and special journey that should be treasured. The journal is just a bit of extra time I take with each completed garment to reward myself for work well done and to savor the finished project. When you look back on your words, I hope they continue to bring you great pleasure.”

This is very true for me. People ask me what I like to make and/or do I have a preferred type of project? For me it’s always a journey of discovery and that is generally part of the charm of the project.You just want to start working on it right away. This is where a healthy (depending on how you look at it) stash comes into play.
Yes, I had the yarn the pattern called for in my stash. To those who know me I’m sure this comes as no surprise. So amid a cluttered house in need of a cleaning out before Thanksgiving and a desk full of paperwork to sort out (no fun there), I started the Entrelac Koigu Scarf.
There is a daunting number of chain stitches to make. I calmly got out stitch markers to aid in keeping track and just got it done.
I finished the first row, all 42 squares. Koigu is such a fun yarn. The Tunisian stitch really lets you see how all the colors play out. Well, time to go wind the next skein.