Adult Wallabys? The Sweater, not the animal.

Elizabeth finished the first Fiddlehead mitten. We all took turns trying it on. It is outstanding. She’s still concerned it’s a little too small, especially since she’s going to line it. We’re all convinced that with blocking and wearing it will be fine. On the other hand, Lois is still campaigning for the mitten is Elizabeth’s daughter doesn’t want it.
She finished the mittens for her son. She picked up stitches on the inside to knit a liner, complete with thumb gusset. Just how do we get on Elizabeth’s Christmas list?
Michelle is in the midst of knitting the Berroco Johannes sweater in Origami. It’s a short sleeved cardigan.
Lois happily saw her Infinite Cabled Cowl by Dina Mor begin to take shape. She was picking up a ladder on her cable row and getting an extra stitch. Now she knows what to look for so she can avoid it in the future.

Michelle finished her tank top in Nashua Ecological Cotton. It has a very flattering design.

Mary took a log cabin blanket class at Stitches East. This was the sample they knit in class. She really enjoyed it. The teacher said that they could do it in Noro yarns too and they wouldn’t have to change colors, the yarn would do the work. She really enjoyed Stitches East.
She also took an all day class on knitting a beaded bracelet. It was quite an accomplishment.
Here is her first Lizard Ridge Square (knit in Noro Taiyo). She did the blanket square math and figured she has to get another square done this week to be on track for finishing in February.

Linda finished up the first sleeve in her Plymouth Kimono #1530 sweater. She has the second sleeve and then knitting the garter border. She’s totally enjoying the marathon (mindless) knitting on the Kimono. She had the idea that we should all commit to knitting an Adult Wallaby as our New Year’s Resolution. She called it A knitting version of “drinking the koolaid”. Not everyone was convinced. I might be in. I have a yarn that is hibernating for a Great American Cabled Afghan and I think I would use that. I don’t see myself getting back to the afghan so fast.