Noro yarns make us very happy.

Wow! Elizabeth’s Fiddleheads mittens are coming out amazing! If her daughter doesn’t like them there is a line up of people happy to take them off her hands, literally.

Elizabeth had a moment (or two) of panic because she thought the mittens were coming out to snug to add a lining. The village voted and said it’s fine to leave it as is.
This crocheted Visor Slouch/Rasta tam is nearly done. There was a funny moment when Elaine asked if it was a basket or a bag. Well, I guess it was funny for those of who weren’t Elaine or Elizabeth. It looked more like a tam after she added the brim.
Lois thoroughly enjoyed making her Eyelet Cowl from last years Vogue Knitting Holiday magazine. She knit it in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Ampato yarn. The pattern was an easy one to do while on vacation and the yarn is incredibly soft!
I set up the provisional cast on for the Infinite Cabled Cowl by Dina Mor. She’s using the Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca, another really soft yarn.
Lois is absolutely loving knitting her Plymouth Kimono #1530 in Noro Kureyon trimmed with Minnowknits.

Elaine did a fair amount of swatching for a oversized shrug she’s knitting.

Mary is knitting the Palindrome Reversible Cabled Scarf in Sublime Extra Fine Merino Aran weight yarn. Orange is a totally new color for her, it looked great.

However on closer inspection we found one cable that had gone awry.

Here is the beginning of her Lizard Ridge Blanket knit in Noro Taiyo yarn. She’s taking my class at Westport Yarns.
Mary was wearing the GORGEOUS scarf today which she, of course, made! She took a class for the Nuno scarf and stopped short of adding the fibers to it. It was awesome.